The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Political Idealism

Read the Declaration of Independence here.

Read the Bill of Rights here

What marks them as different from The Prince?  If they are an expression of political idealism, what ideals do these two documents rest upon?


3 responses to “The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Political Idealism

  1. Brittany Paller

    The Bill of Rights and Declaration were created for the people as sort of a guide and direction in which to follow to secure their basic human rights as well as other established rights. The Prince was written for a prince and is not focused on the people. It supports One person in control doing what they have to to keep control, whereas the documents dont really specify a form of government, but grant the people the right to control and abolish it when necessary. The documents’ political idealism rests on equality and happiness of the people. Its not so much realism in the sense that equality has never really existed and no one is ever always satisfied with the choices of the government. The democratic and Republican party is an example of that. The nation is constantly divided over different issues and all though there is still unity, there is always a solid difference of opinions and wants.

  2. The Prince written for a monarchy. It was written almost as a job application and it just described what people did in the past that made them so great. However the Bill of Rights talks nothing of people from the past. It only talks of what was belived to be right and wrong and it was written as laws and not guidelines. There is a expression of political idealism in the Bill of Rights because it is mainly about equality and equality is just something we strive for and slowly come closer to. Both the Bill of Rights and The Prince have two different ways of believing how a the highest in power should act, however they both they both strive for what seem to be the best way to govern a society.

  3. The difference between the Declaration of Independence and The Prince is that they were written and two totally different times with two totally different ideals behind them. The Declaration of Independence is written to tell the king what he was doing wrong and why the colonies wanted to be separated from the British empire. The Prince was written like a resume and was sucking up to the monarch/prince at the time. The Bill of Rights which are the first ten amendments in the US constitution, is an informative tools that tells the American people basically what they can and cannot do. It puts the government in its place not letting the government gain to much control over its people. The Prince is the exact opposite in that respect because it tells the prince to do whatever is necessary to stay in power over your people.

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