Rules for Posting and Commenting

When Posting

  1. Posts be relevant to work from class.  Obviously, the intent here is to share papers and journaled thoughts with your peers concerning reading and writing topics from World Cultures 120.  Only write, edit, or alter your post.
  2. Posts must maintain some decorum, or I will remove them from the site.  Keep the tone at least semi-professional, and any papers posted should maintain a professional tone and style, including citations and a works cited list for any research driven writing.
  3. Any posts should have a Title and should start with a by-line including the author’s name.  Example:  by Dave Jones
  4. The typing form does not really allow you to indent paragraphs.  Just provide an extra space to distinguish between paragraphs. 
  5. Anything posted longer than two paragraphs should be given a “more” tag.  It’s the 5th button from the right on the formatting bar at the top of the typing form (between a little tree and the ABC spellchecker).
  6. Please do not post or embed any video or video links.  We don’t really have the server space to support that much information.  Typed text is just fine — text is not that resource intensive. 

When Commenting

  1. Comments should focus on the author’s work.  Be precise — when commenting about a specific part of the post, refer to the correct paragraph number. 
  2. Sign your comment with your full name.  Example:  ~Dave Jones.
  3. Be Nice!!!